NC Snow

Here in North Carolina, it is time for the ‘snow’ conversations to begin. These stories are spread and exaggerated like fishing stories.. I turn on the news and it says we are going to finally get some snow (I’m not holding my breath). Then later the news says 2-4 inches! (still not holding my breath). Then they say, 6 inches!! schools are closed!! (now we’re talking…but still, I’ll believe it when I see it). Well, now it’s the morning of the ‘big storm’ and I’m expecting the usual, no snow…just rain. So I open the window and what do I see? 4 inches of snow, and I have to be honest…I’m quite surprised. So naturally, I get all bundled up and head outside; me and my roommates feel obligated to build a snowman (that’s what you’re supposed to do right?). Apparently nobody in the neighborhood felt it was necessary, and we were the only ones building. So we built a snowman, but didn’t stop there…we had to make up for the entire block. That’s when we got carried away; we found huge buckets and crates and started building walls and towers of snow (like a giant sand castle). Now our snowman was protected by 4 foot walls of impenetrable ice and snow…muahaha. (until the dog jumped on the wall and caused a big collapse). Either way, today, on this snow day, with the snowman and his fortress complete…I have accomplished everything that I needed to do.


Crazy weather

Okay, so the weather has been ALL over the place this year. Some days you see us and it’s sunny and warm. Other days it’s just down right freezing, and moving up here from Florida it’s amazing. Haha…some days when it’s really cold people up here are wearing you know…shoes, winter coats, long sleeves, etc… where I’m wearing (true fact) flip flops, maybe a zip-up jacket, and jeans with holes. Haha, yes I am crazy. Nuff about that. We are almost done shooting season 2 and it’s been really an amazing experience for me. I think they should call this season “Torture Becky Season”. Here’s a little hint – I would put myself in situations that whatever I did – it sorta backfired on me. Haha. So tune in for season 2 and watch for those moments. 🙂


Snow + Apple Cider = ?

It snowed in North Carolina for the first time in years. At my mom’s house there was (and yes, some of you will laugh at this) six inches. To some people out there they think it is nothing, and some of you are wishing you had six inches. I unfortunately still had to work the day we had the snow. I do not like driving in snow or ice. But when I got home my roommates and I made sure we made the most of the snow we had. We built a snowman (who we named Curtis) and a fortress for him. While we were building it I noticed that no one else on our street had even played in the snow. I thought it was a shame because it never snows in North Carolina. So we made sure to make up for it and used all the snow in our front yard to build Curtis and his impenetrable wall. We also pulled a few snowball attacks on cars that drove by us. I don’t think you are ever too old to play in the snow, at least if you only get it every few years. It was also the first time Trinity (my dog) had encountered snow. She had a lot of fun in it. After that we came back inside and made some hot apple cider. I used to not be a fan of apple cider, but then for some reason this year I decided to give it a shot again and found that I actually really enjoy it. So in summary snow + apple cider = a good day!

My favorite phrase

Becky's Pouty Face

(no that is not really me)

So my favorite phrase on the tv show is: _________________!

A. Not cool.
B. Well, it’s definitely harder then it looks.
C. *Pouty face
D. All of the above!


First time driving in the snow

Haha…Okay, so today was a very interesting day for me. I tried driving in the snow for the first time ever in my life (not a good idea if you don’t have 4-wheel drive). All I can say is Cowabunga dude! Snow is extremely unsafe to drive in but also a blast. I was swerving and sliding all over the road… It was all exciting until my brakes locked on me when I was turning into my driveway and there was a car turning as well in front of me and I was skidding toward him. I almost hit him but luckily got control in the nick of time. Yeah that would not have been cool…with that in mind: Drive safe!