Hooked on LOST

Moving up to North Carolina has got me hooked on the show “LOST”! Never heard of it until I moved up here and when I started watching the show…I would get people saying “oh…you’re not at that part where Jack Dies!” or “Kate and Hurley get together” Urghh…they would drive me insane. Now that season 4 is out on DVD I’m still trying to catch up before season 5 comes out on tv. I’m lost in “LOST”. Sometimes I wish in life that’s how we were with God though. You know some people have never heard of Him or they’re not really interested. I wish I could go up to someone and be like “Hey! Jesus is awesome, check Him out!” and they’d be like “Woah! thanks dude…I going to do that right now” and get hooked. But He really is that way. Like moths are attracted to light, so should we be attracted to The Light!