Smith Mountain Lake

It’s been a wild summer that seems to have gone by waaaaay too quickly. Now that it’s over, and school is back in session, everything becomes more hectic. But, no matter what the time of year, I can always count on tvonelife keeping things exciting!! Last weekend the crew traveled up to Virginia to have some fun in the sun. We went out on Smith Mountain Lake and had a chance to play around on jet ski’s for the day….yep…that’s us, suffering to make good tv! Anyway, it made me think of when I was in high school back in NY spending every weekend out on the lakes boating, tubing, waterskiing, riding jet skis. Anyway, when I got back, I was inspired to look up the wildest jet ski stunts that I could find. I came across these guys that take jet ski’s to the ocean, and use the incoming waves as a giant ramp to do back-flips and stuff….it looked like tons of fun, and safer than trying to flip dirt bikes, or snowmobiles or anything… until I came across one particular video. In this video, there was one frame that they saved, it had a man about to go over a wave on his jet ski, and clear as day….riding inside the wave itself was… joke…like a 12 foot long shark!! The picture was creepy looking..I’m not sure I would ever go out in that water again. Either way, it made me appreciate the relative safety of the nice mountain lake we were in…where the most dangerous creature was probably…well…Nick.