Late Nights With 007

The James Bond movie Goldeneye came on the other night. It made me remember the Nintendo 64 game, Goldeneye. Still to this day it is by far my favorite multiplayer video game ever. My friends and I used to stay up all night playing that game back in middle school. I know so many levels like the back of my hand. Halo and all the games now don’t even compare to Goldeneye to me. I still enjoy going back and playing that game, and if you dare challenge me to a multiplayer match (and I do dare you to) bring your A game because I haven’t lost my touch.

The other night I also watched the episode of TVOneLife about friendship. On it we talked about how true friends should be willing to talk to their friends if they see their lives are not lined up with what God wants for us. It can be a very hard thing to do, and not always (or ever) the funnest. But I was listening to a TobyMac song the other day and in it he says, “real friends are willing to intrude.” I believe that it so true. If we truly love our friends and want the best for them we should be willing to talk to them if we think they are in sin. While talking to them is never easy for me, watching my friends live in sin isn’t fun or easy either.