I have a new found love for the game RockBand. I really enjoy playing the drums on it. A couple of my friends were playing in career mode; we started at song 3 and we finished all 58 songs. The whole time I was dying for a song to have a sweet drum solo, since pretty much every song has a guitar or bass solo in it, and then finally on the last song I got my wish. And I rocked the solo like a true rockstar. I even attempted to sing Flyleaf’s ‘I’m so sick’. After singing an entire song in extremely high falsetto my vocal cords were ready for a break, but I did hit 90% of the notes on the hard difficulty, so I was pretty satisfied with that.

The mission trip to Panama is also getting closer and I am starting to get more excited about that. Although I am slightly sad I am not going back to Ecuador this summer (I have been there the past 2 summers), I am really looking forward to going to a country I haven’t been to. I am also super excited to see the amazing things God will do. The past couple summers we have seen thousands of people give their life to Jesus, people healed, and all kinds of other miracles. Last summer I was praying with a lady whose husband was an alcoholic and she got baptized in the Holy Spirit and started praying in tongues. I was praying for her husband, but the Holy Spirit was so present that she was baptized without us even praying for it. It was so cool! So I am ready to see what God will do this year in Panama!!