Earlier this week I went golfing for the first time in years. There is a par 3 course about 10 minutes away from my house. Because I had not golfed in years I went into this with no expectations at all except to do a lot of walking. Josh wanted to play from the amateur tees but Keith (the other guy we went with) and I told Josh to man up and play from the pro tees (it was a difference of about 20 yards on most holes- such a HUGE difference, haha). When he saw we weren’t kidding he finally gave in. But the tee placement was about the only thing professional about our games. I did have one tee shot that landed about a foot and a half away from the hole. I was super excited about that, but then I missed my birdie putt. So that pretty much ruined the amazing tee shot. And I did hit a crazy putt that started off the green for par on one hole. And that is basically all the highlights worth mentioning from my game. But even though my golf game is horrible it was one of the funnest things I have done in a while. We laughed so much that my abs hurt more than my legs when we finished. Josh, being super competitive, had to keep the score. Needless to say I lost (but not by that much) and he won. He must be impressed beating me, who hasn’t played in years, and Keith, who hasn’t played in 15 years (according to him). But as long as the weather is nice next week we plan to go out and play again. I am so excited it is almost spring and warm weather is coming back. I love being able to get out and play golf, or disc golf, or just lay in my hammock in my backyard. Being stuck in a house gets old fast, I love to be out doing stuff.