Fright Factor & LOST

So I was watching some TV One Life the other day and saw the episode with “Fright Factor” which is sort of spoofing “Fear Factor”. Initially we had the idea to do “Jesus Factor” and see how adding Jesus into people’s lives would affect them, but decided it would be a difficult segment to shoot-you know, with the whole “people sinning or not sinning part”. So we decided to make it closer to the real show, and make the contestants eat disgusting food. I’m not sure who exactly was in charge of the menu, but I know I wouldn’t have gone near any of that stuff. I could almost taste it just from watching the show. Either way, I thought the spoof was really funny.

Something that is not funny, however, is the 4 week break that LOST is on right now. My roommates and I really enjoy the show (and have consequently gotten all of our other friends hooked also). We waited for almost a full year for this season to finally begin, and now it’s on break so they can catch up after all the writer’s strikes. However, don’t feel sorry for us! We are finding ways to stay sharp, even without new episodes. Mainly we have just completed the 4th and final LOST puzzle. I was never a big fan of puzzles (I don’t have the patience), but these are different somehow. It’s such a challenge to see partial images of tiny faces, or sets from the show, and try to guess exactly where they belong. A typical LOST puzzle session conversation could go something like this, “Hey I’ve got what looks like the top half of Jack’s dad’s left ear while he was sitting in the Italian restaurant in Sydney. Does anybody need that?” “No, but I have part of Sawyer’s flannel shirt that he was wearing in the beginning of season 2 when he met Jack’s dad. Maybe it’s the same scene?” Needless to say, putting together these four puzzles has certainly sharpened my recognition skills surrounding LOST characters. Now if only I can sharpen my recognition skills in my English class…