Fitness walking is tough

Today my fitness walking class met for the last time this semester, which is great news. You would expect that fitness walking as a PE class in college would be pretty easy, almost a joke. Well, that’s what I thought, and unfortunately I was completely wrong. This class is actually tough, power walking is much more painful that just running. See, when you run you get to bend your legs a lot, so it keeps you nice and loose as you go, but power walking is different. When you are walking fast, you really don’t get to bend your legs a whole lot, so after the first ¼ of a mile all the muscles on your legs, and your ankles and shins and everything starts to get tight and you can’t really loosen up unless you stop and stretch or something. Either way, today we had to race-walk 2 miles, which, 1- took forever, and 2- was really painful. By the time I finished my shins were on fire, and I could barely pick my feet up once I stopped. I almost tripped because my feet were flopping around like I was wearing scuba fins. So maybe I’m a wuss, whatever. My other choices were step aerobics, water aerobics, or run conditioning. I still think I made the right choice with walking! Now that it’s over, though, I can focus on more enjoyable forms of physical fitness, like crowd surfing, stage diving, throwing guitars, jumping off speaker stacks, and of course exuberant praise dancing! Have a good one!

Oh, and if you forgot to play an April fools joke on any of your friends, go ahead and do it tomorrow, who cares if it’s a little late. I’m suuuure they will understand.